Team Decision Support, created specifically for Syfter partners, designed to speed-up the hiring process and improve final decision making for both full time employees and contractors.

How TalentSyfter Works.

TalentSyfter is an Hiring Process Management (HPM) platform that provides one central online place to manage the selection process; from defining the role to final selection. It’s not an applicant tracking system, but a hiring team tracking and management system. Candidates are interviewed in an organized, standardized way, Team feedback is weighted to ensure the right people are providing usable, educated feedback. And Hiring Managers have one dashboard that tells how the process is progressing, and when necessary, who’s holding it up,

Hiring can be cumbersome, risky, time consuming and costly.

Interview scheduling is complex: Hiring Managers are tasked with managing and monitoring the complex interviewing scheduling and tracking process. It’s time consuming, frustrating and tough to do.

Keeping it all straight is a nightmare: Team feedback wings its way to you in many forms: emails, calls, meetings, chats, and via ATS and team platforms. Keeping it all straight and organized is a nightmare. Compliance auditing is almost impossible.

Not everyone’s skills are relevant: Should everyone’s opinion on cultural fit be considered equally? Should people with lower skills in a particular technology be heard as loudly? Balancing opinions against skills it tough to do.

And feedback can be even more confusing: Random input, conflicting opinions, incomplete interviews, off topic issues, and more. That’s what you get if there’s no framework for feedback.

Not everyone’s opinion is equal: It’s hard to prevent the “loudest voice in the room” from adding bias to the hiring decision, and team members’ skills need to be taken into consideration when reviewing feedback on candidates.

All managed and viewed, in one informative screen.

Hiring Managers view a summary of all their current positions in one screen. They see which stage each role has reached, and who may be holding up the process. With one click you can dig deeper and learn more about the teams and the candidates.

TalentSyfter accelerated hiring schedules reduce cost and increase performance.

Use one of our proven recommended accelerated schedules, or we will create one that fits your organization and unique requirements.

TalentSyfter Rapid Hiring schedule.

Give TalentSyfter 7 days to schedule and complete the search-to-hire process.

TalentSyfter 15 day Accelerated schedule.

Three rounds of interviews (Manager, tech team, multi-disciplinary team and executives involved.

TalentSyfter one month schedule.

Three rounds of interviews (Manager, tech team, multi-disciplinary team and executives involved.

Is yours a fast growth, fast moving organization?

Test your Zero2Hired rate.


If your company needs to locate and hire contractors and full time employees quickly, but with all the due diligence required to avoid an expensive bad choice, then TalentSyfter is probably right for you, your hiring managers and HR department. We know that the most sought after contractors and employees are only “in play” for 10 days or less, so moving quickly is a must. But often, “that’s how we do it”  just doesn’t allow quick actions.

Our analysis of a typical Zero2Hired rate shows that it takes 30-45 days to locate the final candidate and make an offer. This process usually takes up more than 25 hours of Hiring Manager time, and more than 80 hours of Hiring Team Member’s time. That doesn’t include HR time, administration time, and the loss of productivity while all this happens.  Ask yourself, what does all this really cost?

TalentSyfter, using one of our proven schedules can cut down this process by as much as 60%, and allow you to secure top talent that you may have missed out on in the past.


Our five Guidelines to Successful Team Decisions.


The most effective team size is 6 people. A recent report by Bain & Company states that each additional person reduces team effectivity by 10%.


Create Pyramid hiring teams, Teams that start with a few members and grow as interview rounds progress. This saves hours of wasted time.


Limit interview rounds to three. By the third round effective teams will have provided enough feedback to eliminate all but the most suitable candidates.


Weight individual team member feedback based on their skillset and its relevance to the position being filled.


Keep records. In today’s hiring climate having an audit trail that proves unbiased, compliant decisions is a must.